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Beyond two souls all bonuses

beyond two souls all bonuses

This bonus is in the corner of the room where you pokerfreerollpw net pokerstars have to find the kids book.
You can see which ones you have already found by going to Additional Content - Bonus in the Main Menu.
#13 (Visual Arts in Beyond Two Souls) Navajo 6:11.When you come to the frozen corridor with all the dead bodies, you need to open a locked door that requires a keycard.Born with a connection to a mysterious entity with incredible powers, Jodie was different.0:03 - Design Pack 1 0:35 - Trailer 1:14 - Design Pack 2 1:40 - Design Pack 3 2:11 - Design Pack 4 2:38 - Design Pack 5 3:12 - The Casting 3:47 - Design Pack 6 4:28 - Design Pack 7 5:09 - Kara.After the fight with the dogs you will have to escape the police by getting a motorbike.Your progress will always be saved immediately and automatically.At the funeral, when you carry the blanket, this is on the left side of the area near some bushes.There are 20 of these bonus items to find overall (plus an extra two for completing the game and once you discover all of their locations you'll receive the Explorer Trophy for your hard work.Beyond Two Souls 'Explorer' Silver Trophy - Found all the bonuses.At the end of the chapter, when you get to the tall tower where your target is located, you must fly up to the balcony to find this bonus on the second floor of the building.#9 (Kara) Homeless 4:07, when you leave the shelter of the homeless, this bonus will be in a corner to your left.Bonus: Design Pack #3 4: When you are sitting in the chair with your mother, have Aiden go out into the hall and make a left to find it sitting there.

You should come to a very dark room that looks like a small cafeteria.
You can find this bonus in the very beginning of the chapter, after entering the building you need to go right before reaching the elevator.
#19 (Design Pack #12) Norah 9:26.
In the corner at the end of this room is the bonus.
#7 (The Casting) The Condenser 3:04.Its right above the room where all the enemies are meeting.In the sheiks office (second floor).#4 (Design Pack #3) First Interview 1:37.#22 (Design Pack #14) Beat the story to unlock this 10:47.

The Embassy, bonus: Beyond Two Souls Trailer 2: This first soul can be found after you sit in the washroom.
To acquire a bonus you need to get near them with Aiden and press.