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Poor quality hand histories.
It includes a free version and a full version.
If you want to able to post here just.Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.If you have any suggestions for improvements or anything alike, feel free to comment or write me at!By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.After that, I'd like to implement support for at least one site that's available in the.11 or so hours later I logged back in to Reddit, check a few cute puppy pics and went back to this new subreddit to post some more cool stuff.This book constantly refers to the other players stats and how this should olympic casino börs affect your decision making.Disrespecting other users.Heya boys and girls, let's make this quick and easy.

If it was just 1 account posting these I could have banned it but the posts were made by 20 some different accounts.
A couple of you might remember me posting a couple of months ago and asking for assistance on my beta test.
So I made this subreddit last night, posted a few things (see time stamp on the first post and went to sleep.
Which would you guys recommend?Also, I am looking to expand the HUD to 888 Poker within the next three months.Since this is my first subreddit ever, I don't know much how to fight this spam-attack.To my pleasant surprise the subreddit got a few subscribers (Thanks!) but the not-so-pleasant surprise was when i saw the avalanche of new posts.Hi, is there any free options for poker hud?IDK what attracted these fellows but it wasn't nice.Thanks for the understanding!Links to shady poker rooms, online casinos, sites with 10 popups, giveaways - you name.Breaking Reddit TOS.I'm currently playing on ignition zone and I have no stats and I was wondering if i should move over to ACR where I could use my holdem manager 2 HUD.

Im playing at pokerstars and have used trial for pokertracker 4 and jivaro, I need simple hud with some basic stats, is there anything like that out there?