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You pay the gold cost of the mount mentioned below, I will camp the rares for you and invite you to tanaan jungle bonus objectives areas tag and loot.
(This is a question that I get asked a lot.) So, an in-game name for in-game gold is not a ban-able offense.
Im 366 so expect all of my team to be around that iL, i find i'm behind what i should be when it comes to iL as i struggle to get into groups and keystones everytime i turn my PC on i load discord then.
Be Humble houses one of the best Mythic teams in the world, and our guild likes active players farming content as much as any other.We understand that 100 attendance is near enough impossible, so if for any reason you won't be present for a raid, speak to an officer beforehand.Some of the basic rules would be: * 2/3 Raid Attendance * Come to raids prepared Enchants / Gems / Pots / Basic boss knowledge * Ability to communicate Voice Proffered but not essential * Have a good attitude and contribute positively * If your.The Blood in the Snow scenario has been opened on Frostwolf.Commitment bonus-kortit tietoturva - should have a good attitude towards raiding.Sometimes Lucky 2/8M, recruiting for mythic Uldir!Sk1ttlez#2241 - Álamo / Guild Master f0rest#21608 - Forest / Officer Reform#21752 - Scyytha / OfficerForeest5.

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We offer our players a safe space where they can evolve, progress and learn their class.
We aim to progress Heroic and Mythic raids fully, and with all we can give.
An active community, always creating the weekly meme of the guild and spamming in general chat (monkaS) - M pushes, farms and boosts daily - Officers doing their jobs and to a good standard; not just getting a guaranteed raid spot - To create.What We Are: Sometimes Lucky was conceived and formed to be a very specific type of raiding guild.Tier 2 is coming soon, so we want to be full raid core before tier 2 will come.For further information about the application, please contact Isfadel#2450 or SykkaFTW#2471 and have a chat with robllotsz6.We would consider ourselves a casual raid guild.We are currently looking for people to fill out our roster, we participate in m and raiding mostly.We are a fairly new guild, but are already competing with the other Horde guilds on Outland, and got the Horde first Heroic clear, and Mythic Mother.You don't have to wait or travel, You will be killing 5 warbringers per minute.

I have all the mounts I'm selling, you can check my armory.